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They are going for Olvera’s goods in the USA.


Ficrea bankruptcy trustee files lawsuit. 35 million dollars of the financing entity are transferred during CNBV audit.

Victor Fuentes.

MEXICO.- The Ficrea bankruptcy trustee files a lawsuit in the United States in order to recover 112 properties purchased by Rafael Olvera Amezcua and his family in Florida, Texas and Nevada.

Javier Navarro Velasco filed the motion on September 20 before the Court for the 11th Judicial Circuit of Miami-Dade County, to retrieve the properties and 20 luxury vehicles, among them two Lamborghinis, two Maseratis, two Ferraris, and one Rolls Royce, as well as a boat registered in Texas, in order to sell them and compensate more than four thousand people who have been defrauded.

The lawsuit also seeks to prevent the United States Government from submitting its own civil lawsuits to confiscate property and auction them off for the benefit of the treasury of that country.

Olvera, former owner of Ficrea, stole 35 million dollars of accounts from the popular financial company (Sofipo) in the four days prior to the managerial intervention decreed by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV).

Olvera took the resources from its clients through nine transfers carried out between November 3 and 6, 2014, although CNBV officials performed the second “special emergency audit” to Sofipo since October 23 of that year.

The funds were transferred to accounts of Baus & Jackman, another Olvera company, which were never frozen by the government and received money illegally subtracted from Ficrea since mid-2013, following an “ordinary” audit by the CNBV that ended in February 2013.

Moreover, between June 16 and August 1, 2014, the CNBV carried out the first “special emergency audit” to Ficrea, and in that period Olvera extracted 4.2 million dollars and 1.2 million euros through 62 transfers to the United States and Spain.

Navarro estimated that Olvera stole a total of 65 million dollars from Sofipo in the 21 months between the conclusion of the ordinary audit and the management intervention.

B & J’s accounts received the resources of CIBanco and Banco Base used by Olvera for more than 960 transfers to the United States and Spain, “in order to bring the stolen money out of the reach of the plaintiffs,” said Navarro.


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